The Ramadan Survival Guide: Nutrition Workshop
6:00 PM18:00

The Ramadan Survival Guide: Nutrition Workshop

Ramadan is around the corner and it's really difficult to not fall off the wagon during the Holy Month.

Join us tomorrow Wednesday the 25th at 6 pm to learn how to SURVIVE Ramadan while maintaining your strength and muscle.

- We will be sharing our fat loss secrets to help you maximize your fat loss during Ramadan. ...
- How to train during Ramadan and Exercise Selection.
- What foods to eat, when to train and how often.

What If I Don't Fast?

- The information shared will be applicable to those who fast and those who don't.
- Intermittent Fasting explanation and method.
- The Truth About Carbs and Cardio.

And lots lots more!

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Performance Movement Taping
10:00 AM10:00

Performance Movement Taping

Thanks to its representative in Lebanon, Hassane 'Sean' Mahfouz, ROCKTAPE has FINALLY ARRIVED to our country!

Performance Movement Taping (PMT) is a certification program led by industry leading experts in functional movement assessment and performance. This course will introduce the concept of training enhancement v...ia functional taping methods. This certification will focus on how to functionally tape to improve movement, posture and performance. We believe that clinics should be inclusive, interactive and stimulating with the majority of your attendee’s time spent - ‘hands on’! Attendees will learn how to integrate this new systemic approach to taping into their clients programs. They will leave this clinic with a revolutionary new skill and understanding of human movement.
This course is intended for coaches, trainers and athletes with all levels of experience with taping. The best tape and the best taping certification training in town is being brought to your doorstep at an affordable price. All supplies needed for the course are provided.

That's how we roll!!

$150 for early Registration
$200 for Registration after June 9,2014

Please contact Hassane on +9613847687 or Aboud on +9613852355 for registration.

Hurry up, spots are limited!

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Gladiator Race with Casillas
9:00 AM09:00

Gladiator Race with Casillas

Country Lodge Club in collaboration with CrossFit B-Town brings you the Gladiator Race!

Designed to push you to your limit, Cassillas has organized a one-of-a kind outdoor event.

There are 3 levels for competition (Beginner - Intermediate - Advanced)....

Contestants will have to complete a set course as fast as possible to be crowned a true fitness gladiator in each of the categories.


The challenges will include: (and many other)
*Pool Event
*Burden Race with Sandbags
*Lifting competition
*Forest Trail Run
*Mud Crawl
*High Jumps
*Parkour - like stunts

Cassillas has gone ALL out organizing this event - and you are sure guaranteed to have a one-of-a-kind experience.

Participation fee is $40/person. Please book immediately as spots are very limited!

Payment in advance.

Please contact Aboud or Cassillas immediately for booking.


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