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Performance Movement Taping

Thanks to its representative in Lebanon, Hassane 'Sean' Mahfouz, ROCKTAPE has FINALLY ARRIVED to our country!

Performance Movement Taping (PMT) is a certification program led by industry leading experts in functional movement assessment and performance. This course will introduce the concept of training enhancement v...ia functional taping methods. This certification will focus on how to functionally tape to improve movement, posture and performance. We believe that clinics should be inclusive, interactive and stimulating with the majority of your attendee’s time spent - ‘hands on’! Attendees will learn how to integrate this new systemic approach to taping into their clients programs. They will leave this clinic with a revolutionary new skill and understanding of human movement.
This course is intended for coaches, trainers and athletes with all levels of experience with taping. The best tape and the best taping certification training in town is being brought to your doorstep at an affordable price. All supplies needed for the course are provided.

That's how we roll!!

$150 for early Registration
$200 for Registration after June 9,2014

Please contact Hassane on +9613847687 or Aboud on +9613852355 for registration.

Hurry up, spots are limited!