CrossFit BTown in the Press

The Daily Star
May 02, 2014.

Many advocates of the sport say it combines natural movements that strengthen the body and adapt it to physically challenging situations in real life, a form of “functional” training. Isolated weightlifting exercises, by contrast, are not as useful for overall physical health.

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CrossFit B-Town on LIVE national TV

September 21, 2014.

Future TV's 'Alam al Sabah" show hosts CrossFit B-Town's head coach and co-founder, Abdelkader Heraki, to speak about CrossFit. He is later joined by Manal al Kaii and Nadine Kassem to demonstrate some CrossFit exercises.

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CrossFit B-Town on LIVE national TV

April 29, 2015.

LBC TV's 'Sohtak Bel Donia" shows a short video segment about CrossFit B-Town with their host interviewing it's head coach and co-founder, Abdelkader Heraki in CrossFit B-Town

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CrossFit B-Town on LIVE national TV

August 3, 2015.

LBC TV's 'Sohtak Bel Donia" hosts CrossFit B-Town's Coach Nizar Kaawache for an interview on set. He speaks about CrossFit in general and CrossFit B-Town as well

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